Some residents have been in touch with me about how to report a hate crime. The following information is included in the latest issue of the city council’s House Talk and is really useful.
Hate crime is any criminal offence perceived by someone to be motivated by prejudice or hatred based on a person’s race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or gender identity.
A hate crime can be physical violence, verbal abuse, online threats, obscene calls, criminal damage, arson, dumping of rubbish etc.
The council’s housing and property services’ antisocial behaviour unit has a specialist
caseworker to provide victims of hate crime with a high standard of practical support. The victim must be a Portsmouth City Council tenant or leaseholder.
How does the council support victims?
As each case is different the council develop a specific individual action plan which can include support thorhgout the criminal justice process, emotional support, advocacy, housing advice, evidence gathering and home and personal safety advice and signposting for victims in employment disputes.
Key things to know:

  • If you or another person perceives a crime to be motivated by hate then it will be treated as such
  • Hate crime can affect everyone. The council supports victims of any age from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Hate crime will not be tolerated

Further information
To report it or speak to someone in confidence contact 023 9284 1050 or email
You can contact your housing officer, city helpdesk or visit; searching ‘hate crime’.

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