The devolution deal would give the region £900 million over the next 30 years to improve infrastructure, transport and housing, and provide training and skills and support for business.
This will be £30m per year in new funding. The deal would also mean significant decision making powers and funding, currently held by central government, being passed down to our local area so we have more local control over local issues.
The aim is to improve economic prosperity by bringing decision-making and accountability closer to local people and enabling funds to be spent on tackling local problems and taking advantage of local opportunities to improve economic growth.
Benefits of devolution
The proposed deal for the Solent Mayoral Combined Authority would bring a number of important elements together to improve our local economy, including:

  • £900 million to invest over the next 30 years in areas that contribute to economic growth, including transport, infrastructure, housing and business support
  • £210 million a year in business rates would be secured in return for the three councils leaving the current system of local authority funding
  • a joined up approach to planning in areas like housing, new transport links, leisure and business developments
  • better support for businesses, helping them to innovate and increase productivity, and create more and better jobs for local people
  • support for local businesses to trade globally as well as encouraging companies from around the world to invest in the area
  • control of the budget for adult education and training, making sure businesses have the skills necessary for growth, and local people can secure jobs and further their careers
  • new programmes to more effectively help the long-term unemployed, making sure the focus is on what local people need rather than on national schemes
  • targets to ensure new homes are built in areas that need them most
  • control of transport funding so improvements can be made across the area
  • local control of bus services, and responsibility for the key road network
  • a plan to promote the region effectively to encourage companies to invest in the area
  • an innovative and joined up approach to reforming public services that local people rely on, including working with the NHS to tackle local health problems

The devolution deal would deliver benefits for the whole area. With such a wide range of functions, it is likely that most people living and working in the combined authority area would experience many of the benefits. It would give greater powers and more control over resources at a local level, which would mean we can:

  • improve local public transport and connections to the national networks
  • improve our road and rail networks so it’s easier for goods to be transported and for people to travel to and from work, helping businesses to thrive
  • work together on a plan to attract new employers to the area, creating jobs and opportunities for local people
  • support economic growth by making suitable sites available for new housing schemes and employment developments
  • make sure training is designed to provide the skills local employers need, so businesses can grow.

Have your say
The councils are now consulting on setting up a combined authority that would enable them to draw down new Government funding and pass significant decision making powers to the Solent area.
It is important that residents and businesses are consulted.
Your views will help shape the submission made to central government in September 2016 and it will only take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire.
The councils are consulting on the Draft Scheme: a legal document that sets out the plans which will be sent to central government. I encourage you to read about the proposals on this website before you complete the questionnaire.
The consultation closes at 5pm on 18 September 2016.

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