Residents across Portsmouth are increasingly sharing their concerns online and posting photos of their customer service experience on social media. 
This follows the closure of the popular parcel pick up service on Slindon Street after the Royal Mail closed the city centre office last month.
The new location in Hilsea has been criticised for its inaccessibility to many residents and its inability to deal with high demand, often leading to queues across the car park.
Being located on an industrial estate, the Customer Service Point lacks many of the public transport links that Slindon Street in the city centre had.
Cllr Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth Labour Group Leader, has joined others by sharing his concerns over the Royal Mail’s changes.
He said:
“I’m disappointed to learn about the problems with the new location already. 
It is very concerning for many residents who rely on public transport as their sole means to get about the city”.
Poor functionality of the new building has also been raised as a major concern. Residents have already experienced long queues stretching out of the building and across the road.
Despite operating the parcel service with three staff, the demand placed on the new collection point by the closure of others means that the service may be overwhelmed at peak times.
Portsmouth Labour last month said the changes put “the needs of the people in our city in second place”.
The Group will continue to work hard to protect the future of our postal service and seek a better plan for changes to local services. 

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