For centuries, as a port city, Portsmouth has welcomed people coming to our shores for trade. Today our internationalism and outward looking approach to commerce strengthens our local economy, by creating jobs and prosperity for all, positions us as a strong and vibrant city, and as a gateway for our nation.
Last week our country had the opportunity to influence Britain’s future direction and its place in the world. Many felt it was a difficult, tense campaign, with differing views across the country and the highest level of electoral participation in over twenty years.
Yet we have more in common, than what divides us.
In every part of our city, Pompey people with different backgrounds, nationalities and religions live cheek by jowl, and in harmony.
We don’t just tolerate our differences, we welcome them. And whilst that hasn’t changed in the past few days, if people have concerns about relations between communities, they should let the police know.
We don’t stand by for division. Pompey people do what is right – defending our city’s fantastic mix of diversity and tolerance and standing together against racism and xenophobia which risks hurting and dividing people living side-by-side.
By us all continuing to pull together we rally behind our great city, for the best interests of our community’s future.

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