Stephen Morgan understands council housing issues and has been working hard to address them

The Tories are putting the hope of home ownership at risk. They – like with the Lib Dems in coalition government before them – are presiding over a housing crisis.
Rents are soaring, home ownership is falling every year and house building is at its lowest peacetime rate since 1920s.
Current housing stock lacks investment with homes falling into disrepair and the “extreme” housing Bill working its way through Parliament may put an end to lifelong tenancies.
Labour will support working people by investing in new affordable homes to rent and buy. The party’s plans will bring down spiralling housing costs and control the housing benefit bill too.
My commitments to you:
a84bf8a7-bc54-4dd0-bc6a-a11c5fccb16fIf elected for you in Charles Dickens ward for the city council on Thursday, I will:

  • fight the break up of our communities in the city by lobbying government to amend the disastrous housing bill
  • seek better engagement with housing offices and more responsive and visible officers
  • continue to fight for the residents of Wilmcote House so they and others get fairer treatment from the council in redevelopment schemes
  • push for more affordable homes for local people
  • work with tenants groups’, attend the residents’ consortia and speak up for their concerns in the council chamber
  • push for the university to work more closely with the city to better integrate the student population into local life.

If you have other ideas or suggestions to stand up for decent quality local homes for families, get in touch

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