In a new series of articles on national and local issues, I will set out what my commitments will be if elected to the city council on 5 May. The first article is on a fairer economy.
Standing up for you for a fairer local economy and one that works for all:
Nationally, cuts to support for working people will leave over two million families on average £1,600 a year worse off, while those at the very top have been given tax breaks. Tory and Lib Dem failure to invest for the future threatens our economic recovery.
Labour will stand up for families and businesses by creating an economy that delivers prosperity and security for all, not just the few.
The party will get the deficit down fairly by investing to build a modern economy that delivers long-term growth, and will cut the benefit bill by creating decent jobs, tackling low pay and bringing down housing costs.
My commitments to you
If elected for you in Charles Dickens ward for the city council this May, I will:

  • work with local businesses to promote economic growth, new jobs and protect current industry including the vital shipbuilding sector 
  • champion apprenticeships, volunteering and local employment schemes
  • encourage the university and local employers to increase skills of local people
  • lobby for improvements to the city centre including better use of empty shops
  • work with city-wide and sub-regional bodies to get new funding and investment into the ward for the benefit of all.

If you have other ideas or suggestions to make our local economy fairer, get in touch.

Get in touch

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