Tonight local people invited councillors to support a motion presented to the Council to make fair transitional state pension arrangements for 1950s women. This was referred to the Scrutiny Management Panel for consideration and any referral back to Full Council.
Portsmouth’s Labour Group are in full support of this important local and national campaign and congratulated representatives of WASPI at tonight’s meeting for their impassioned speeches.
Cllr Stephen Morgan said:
“The last Labour government had some success at reducing pensioner poverty. However women and the lowest paid remain at high risk of falling into poverty in their retirement.
This injustice is being extended to 2.6m women born in the 1950s, who have been short-changed by the bringing forward of their state pension age.

I want the government of today to deal with this issue and ensure that women affected are given proper transitional payments”.
One WASPI campaigner thanked Cllr Morgan for his and the Group’s support by staying “Thank you so much for caring”.

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