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News that the Society of St James are providing a safe space for people who are homeless to rest during the cold winter nights is welcomed by Portsmouth Labour.
Working in unison with the Portsmouth City Council, the Society of St James (SSJ) are providing beds for 28 rough sleepers as part of a broader Christmas Appeal to tackle homelessness in the city.
The service also hopes to create a cumulative benefit for recipients, as users of the SSJ service will be encouraged to engage with other services for the homeless in the city, in an effort to more permanently secure the health and wellbeing of these people.
The service is aiming to provide rounded care, meaning a hot shower, access to TV and breakfast will also be available to residents.
It is hoped that the service can empower its users to escape the homelessness trap by supporting people with their recovery.
Cllr Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth Labour Leader said:
“We believe no one should ever have to sleep rough in our city but sadly we know from experience that this occurs all too often.
During the harsh winter months, it is simply too cold and too dangerous for some of our most vulnerable people with complex needs.
The night shelter is providing a safe, warm and welcoming space for those who are forced to sleep rough in Portsmouth. I thank the SSJ for their hard work in providing this valuable local service”.
For information as to how you can refer someone to the centre visit