Feelings are running high in Portsea over continuing problems for local people over finding a parking space in the place where they live.  
Despite having a residents’ 1-hour parking scheme local people find University of Portsmouth students increasingly parking their cars in Portsea as they head off for lectures and seminars.
Portsea has many university buildings, including the Portsmouth Business School.
At the Portsea Action Group (PAG) this week residents shared with Cllr Stephen Morgan, local ward councillor for the area, examples of when they’ve questioned students parking in area.
Disappointingly there were also stories of students becoming abusive when challenged by local people.
Some students also appear to have access to residents parking scratch cards; and Cllr Morgan has backed a call for an investigation.
The issue of students living in HMO properties in the area being given residents parking permits is seen as a real problem locally.
Cllr Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth Labour Leader said:
“These everyday concerns are putting pressure on local people and parking in one of the city’s most densely populated communities. We demand action.  
As the University of Portsmouth is continuing to build in Portsea; residents I want to see the university as a better local neighbour.
The university is even charging residents to use its own car park; they were once free during the evenings. As one resident fed back, the university should be issued with an ASBO”.

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