Over the last 10 years Portsmouth has seen major businesses leave the city, many of them have moved to out of town business parks, or take jobs to other parts of the UK, or other parts of the world. 
Portsmouth Labour is committed to reversing this trend by working with business to create new investment in our great city.
Local Labour councillors are not satisfied by the decline in good job opportunities for hard working people in Portsmouth. 
Portsmouth Labour believes it is essential to attract business investment into our city if we are to ensure that we create new jobs for local people.  We need to invest in the skills of local people so that they can take advantage of the well-paid jobs that Labour is committed to attracting to Portsmouth.
Only Labour has a plan to secure the future prosperity of our city and create the new jobs that local people so desperately need.
Cllr Yahiya Chowdhury raised concerns about the lack of investment in the local economy in the Council Chamber on 15 November. He was seeking an update on why there are delays to the important Dunsbury Hill Farm development.
Cllr Chowdhury said:
“It is essential that the city capitalise on development opportunities and opens up key sites. The Lib Dems did little and the Tories need to do more. Otherwise we run the risk of yet more lost decades and Portsmouth people deserve better than that”.
 Cllr Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth Labour Leader said:
“I am using my new role as the city’s first heritage champion to advocate for Portsmouth’s assets to be unlocked to create jobs and stimulate the local economy. This weekend I toured the city with council directors to see how with the right investment Portsmouth has massive potential”.
“We also need to also create a diverse economy by attracting different types of business, all too often in Portsmouth’s history the city has been over dependent on one or two major employers, which has left the job prospects of local people vulnerable to decisions made in Whitehall or further afield”.

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