Portsmouth Labour is ambitious for every child in our city

Local party volunteers were out in force last Saturday (8 April) talking to shoppers and local people in Commercial Road about Labour plans for schools in our city.

Current projections suggest that Portsmouth may gain only modestly from a new funding formula by government but by spreading this over all the schools – and with changes to national insurance, pensions and increased charges for services – many will continue to struggle to make ends meet. And information presented by the teaching unions suggests that schools across our city are facing significant cuts to their services to children.

Portsmouth Labour is on your side on this important issue. Saturday’s event was to campaign against these proposals and to call on the government to rethink their plans.

This week the party announced that it wants to introduce free school meals for all primary school children. This is good news for our city.

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Claire Udy, Labour’s community co-ordinator in Charles Dickens ward, said:

“The Tories are meddling with the education system with the reintroduction of grammar schools for the few, whilst the many will see cuts to their local school.

We want to see every single child get the best chance in life and to succeed. Sadly Tory policies put this at risk in our city”.

Cllr Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth’s Labour Leader, said:

“Primary schools in the heart of Portsmouth will see their funding cut under these current proposals by government. That means schools in the areas of highest need in Landport, Buckland and Somerstown will be most affected.

Portsmouth and our schools deserve a better deal from this Tory government”.

At the street stall local people signed a petition calling on government to rethink their funding plans for local schools as well as receiving a leaflet on Labour’s positive plans for our education system.

Visit www.schoolcuts.org.uk for more information on how government policies will affect schools in your neighbourhood.