Show support for a better deal for your schools

Funding for schools is being substantially reduced because of budget cuts by the Tory Government.

The National Audit Office has recently calculated that on average, schools in England and Wales face an 8% cut in their funding between 2017 and 2020. This means that schools will have to make savings totalling £3 billion over the next three years.

This means that:

  • class sizes will increase
  • staffing will be reduced
  • equipment will not be replaced
  • non-essential subjects will be dropped

What does this mean for schools in our city?img_8930

For primary schools in Portsmouth this means an average reduction for each pupil of around £240. For secondary schools in the city, the average cut will be around £320 per pupil. These reductions will apply to every child or teenager attending school in Portsmouth.

For a primary school with 300 children, it will mean an overall budget reduction of around £72,000. For a secondary school with 1,000 young people in attendance, the cut will be in around £320,000.

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Already schools are having to make hard choices in order to balance their budgets. Portsmouth Labour want to lobby central government to get a better deal for Portsmouth’s schools, and we need your help by signing our petition.

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