Labour plans more bobbies on the beat

More bobbies on the beat would be delivered by Labour as announced by the party today.

Labour is committed to providing funding to the 43 forces across England and Wales to hire an extra 10,000 officers operating in community policing roles.

The move will be paid for by reversing cuts to Capital Gains Tax and comes at a time when reported crime is rising under the current Tory government.

Almost every police force in the country recorded an increase in crime over the last year, with worrying rises in some of the most violent offence.

Yet since 2010, under Theresa May, police numbers have been cut by 20,000 and a promise to protect the police budgets has been broken.

fullsizerender-21Cllr Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth’s Labour Leader, welcomed the proposals and said:

The safety of our city’s communities safety will always be one of my top priorities.

Earlier this year I had the privilege to go out on night patrol with the city centre’s community police team to see first hand the tremendous job they do in keeping Portsmouth safe. I respect the tough job they do with limited resources.

I welcome Labour plans to increase the number of bobbies on the beat, not cut the police budget and take action to reduce crime. The safety of our city’s communities is vital to us all”.