Britain’s being let down

Labour has today published a document looking at the Tories’ record of broken promises.

‘One Tory Manifesto. Two years of Failure. 50 Broken Promises’ – lists 50 examples of when the Conservatives broke their word. From the NHS to education, from living standards to policing, the Tories have broken their promises time and again.

  • They promised on the economy, but they have missed every debt and deficit target they set themselves
  • They promised to raise living standards, but working families are set to be on average over £1,400 a year worse off
  • They promised to improve all standards of NHS care, but A&Es are in their worst state on record and hospitals are in financial crisis
  • They promised to protect school spending, but per pupil spending is going down and class sizes are soaring

As they launch their latest manifesto, it is a reminder that the Tories can’t be trusted to keep their word.

Cllr Stephen Morgan, Labour’s Portsmouth South candidate, said:

“This dossier confirms what we all knew. The Tories have a track record of failure and broken promises.

From the economy to the NHS, and policing to schools, Theresa May’s Tories have failed again and again to deliver on the pledges they made to the British people.

Britain cannot afford five more years of them and their broken promises.

Labour has a practical plan to transform our country. Our fully costed proposals will make a huge difference to every single community and transform the lives of everyone in our great city”.

The party’s manifesto – launched earlier this week – shows a fairer Britain is possible with a Labour government putting the interests of the many before those of the few.