Pensioners don’t need insecurity

It is about time the Tories come clean on their plans for older people, after they caused confusion with their failed attempt to ‘clarify’ their social care policy earlier this week.

Labour is calling on Theresa May to guarantee pensioners won’t be hit with further cuts to universal benefits or further hits to their incomes.

The challenge comes as Labour warns that, having broken their promise on social care already and announced plans to means test Winter Fuel Payments, hitting up to ten million pensioners, the Tories could next come for other benefits, including free bus passes and TV licences.

Stephen Morgan, Labour’s candidate for Portsmouth South, said:

“The Tories are plunging pensioners into insecurity and I am hugely worried for pensioners across our city’s communities.

Their manifesto promises to take away winter fuel allowances; ditches the security of the triple lock; and proposes making people pay for essential care with their homes.

They have attempted to back away from their plans, but only raised more questions about what they were going to do instead. They could offer no reassurance to worried pensioners”.

Labour are calling for Theresa May to come clean, set out what exactly she’s planning and rule out definitively further attacks on pensioners’ living standards.

You clearly can’t trust the Tories to protect pensioners. They offer only insecurity.