Tories are offering no new money for the NHS

Stephen Morgan, Labour’s candidate for Portsmouth South, has responded to Damian Green’s comments on TV this week that the Tories £8bn NHS manifesto pledge involves reallocating existing budgets.

Damian Green said on the Andrew Marr show that the Tories are not offering any new money for the NHS at this election, but instead their offer involves reallocating existing budgets.

Stephen said:

“As part of Labour’s fully costed manifesto, we are offering the NHS a cash boost of £8bn this year, including money for urgently needed capital works, and we’ve said how we will pay for it.

Only Labour will give the NHS in our great city the funding it needs to deliver a truly modern service for all patients.

Tories and Lib Dems can’t be trusted with our public services. Under the last government they failed on the NHS. It is now underfunded and overstretched and it is patients who will pay the price.”

Earlier this month the city’s QA Hospital lost out on over £7m of vital government funds to improve local services.