Plans to make our communities safer

Labour has announced a plan to make Britain’s communities safer, by putting thousands more frontline staff into critical public services, including police, fire, prison, intelligence and border agencies.

In the wake of large-scale Tory cuts to police and security resulting in 37,000 fewer staff, Labour will recruit:

  • 10,000 more police officers
  • 3,000 more firefighters
  • 3,000 more prison officers
  • 1,000 more security and intelligence agency staff
  • 500 more border guards

Labour’s plans to reverse staff cuts in these agencies will return staffing levels closer to those when Labour left office.

Stephen Morgan, Labour’s candidate for Portsmouth South, said:

“Cuts to the police force endanger communities and endanger police officers too. 

Labour’s approach to policing crime will be different. We will champion community policing to ensure our communities are safer, for all of us”.

Labour will halt cuts to the Fire Service. The Tories have cut 10,000 firefighter jobs and closed dozens of fire stations. 

Cllr Stephen Morgan added:

“Under the Tories, response times have got slower and lives have been put at risk. 

We will recruit 3,000 new firefighters, review staffing levels, and consult on national minimum standards for the service”.