Childcare for the many

More than a million children and their families will benefit from Labour plans for universal provision of 30 hours of free childcare a week for all two to four-year-olds.

Under the Tories only 40 per cent of two-year-olds qualify for childcare. Many working parents with three and four-year-old children are not getting the childcare they were promised by the Conservatives at the last election because of the complexity of the rules and cuts have led to the loss of 1,240 Sure Start centres across the country.

Cllr Stephen Morgan, Labour’s candidate for Portsmouth South, said:

“Labour believes every child, no matter what their background, deserves a good start in life, and that childcare costs shouldn’t be a barrier for parents who want to go back to work.

In our great city families are struggling to make ends meet. This childcare plan for families will make a huge difference in Portsmouth”.

The party will extend 30-hour childcare to more children by eliminating means testing for two-year-olds and no longer restricting provision for three and four-year-olds to children whose parents are working.

These changes will benefit an additional 1.3 million children. Labour’s universal childcare policy will help ensure all children have a good start in life and remove barriers to parents, especially women, participating in the labour market.

Labour’s National Education Service will create a high-quality, universal childcare system that will bridge the gap between maternity leave and full-time schooling in the long run.