May must be straight with the British people

Labour has called on Theresa May to come clean with the British people and answer the most pressing questions she has failed to be straight about in this campaign. 

The Conservative manifesto has betrayed Britain’s pensioners, threatened unspecified tax rises for tens of millions of working people and set out a grim future of underfunding and understaffing for our vital public services.

Given that the Conservative leader has already broken her flagship manifesto pledge on social care, Labour are challenging Theresa May to be straight with voters and give clear answers to the crucial questions she has continued to duck.

  1. Will Theresa May confirm that ten million pensioners will lose their winter fuel payments if the Conservatives are re-elected? And if not ten million, how many will it be?
  2. At what level will the cap be set on social care costs that those with conditions such as dementia will have to pay under Conservative plans?
  3. Will Theresa May match Labour’s pledge not to raise personal National Insurance contributions, and not to raise income tax for 95 per cent of taxpayers?
  4. Will the Conservatives confirm they are planning another five years of austerity for public services, as the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) stated last week?
  5. The Conservatives have warned they will scrap free school meals for 5-7 year olds if they are re-elected. Will they now spell out a realistic costing for their school breakfast proposal now they have withdrawn their discredited 6.8p figure?
  6. Will Theresa May confirm she is proposing not a single penny of extra funding for the NHS, as the IFS has stated?

Labour is calling on the Conservative leader to be straight with people and set out exactly what she’s planning for our pensioners, working people and school children.

Cllr Stephen Morgan, Labour’s candidate for Portsmouth South, said:

“I’m really concerned that Tory plans are plunging pensioners and working people into insecurity. From the people I have spoken to on the doorstep they are concerned about the future may hold. This is unacceptable.

The last government has left our public services facing the risk of further crisis. Meanwhile, Theresa May refuses to answer even the most basic questions on her policies”.

The Tory manifesto is threatening to take away winter fuel allowances, ditch the triple lock and leave pensioners facing the loss of control of their homes because of social care costs.

Cllr Morgan added:

“Having broken her flagship pledge on social care just days after she launched her manifesto, Theresa May needs to give clear answers to these crucial questions and be straight with the British people about what the Tories are actually planning.”