Local people trust Labour with our NHS

Nearly half of voters across the south east have confirmed they trust Labour more than any other party with the future of the NHS, according to a new survey shared with The News.

Of concern is more than half think the health service has got worse in the last three years, while 48.9 per cent of survey respondents in the region say they have struggled to get a GP appointment in the last year, while 57 per cent said they thought NHS services had got worse since 2014.

With health high up the agenda on the doorstep during the general election campaign, the gap in trust between Labour and the Conservatives when it comes to who would best protect the NHS is notable.

Given a choice of four major parties – the Tories, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party – some 48.0 per cent of respondents in the south east said they trusted Labour most when it came to the NHS. Only 33.3 per cent said they trusted the Conservatives most, while 11.1 per cent said the Lib Dems and 7.5 said the Greens.

Cllr Stephen Morgan, Labour’s Portsmouth South candidate, said:

“Labour created the National Health Service – our proudest achievement, providing universal healthcare for all on the basis of need, free at the point of use.

It is clear from this survey that the Tories and Lib Dems can’t be trusted to care for our local NHS. With GP practices closing, waiting lists increasing and QA hospital not getting the vital funds it needs, our city needs someone who will care and champion our local health services in Parliament.

Labour will invest in our NHS, to give patients the modern, well-resourced services they need for the 21st century. As your MP I will ensure that patients get the world-class quality of care they need and that staff are able to deliver the standards that patients in our city expect”.

The survey was carried out in partnership with Google Surveys and completed by 8,331 people.