Where is the money for the Tory-DUP deal coming from?

Following the Tory-DUP sweetheart deal, Cllr Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth South’s new Member of Parliament, has called for the Tories to come clean on the extra money found to prop up the government, and is seeking a better deal for Portsmouth.

Stephen said:

“We desperately need a better deal from central government for our great city. 

Portsmouth needs new investment to help us work with the business community to upgrade our city’s infrastructure, to enable local people to gain new skills and to fund new house building so that we can solve the city’s housing crisis.  

We also need new government funding to put our local public services, particularly our schools, hospitals, police and adult social care on a sound financial footing”.

Last week’s Queen Speech failed to offer the legislative programme our nation and city so desperately needs.

Stephen added:

“This Tory-DUP deal is clearly not in the nation’s interest but an attempt by the weakened Prime Minister to cling to power.”