Plan to scrap pay cap fails

An amendment to the Queen’s Speech to end the pay cap for public sector workers was tabled by Labour yesterday.

Regrettably it was defeated in the House of Commons by 323 votes to 309 last night.

Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth South’s first Labour MP, supported scrapping the pay cap. 

He said:

“I’m hugely disappointed by the outcome of last night’s vote. 

But I’m even more disappointed for the hard working public servants who dedicate their lives to run the services we all rely on in our great city”.

At lunchtime yesterday, there were signs the Government were seeing sense, but by the evening they voted to keep the pay cap in place. 

The cap on public-sector pay was imposed by George Osborne in 2012 and rolled over for another four years in the chancellor’s 2015 budget, meaning that the ceiling is fixed until 2019.

Stephen added: 

“We need a fairer deal for public sector workers. The cap should be scrapped. I will always work hard to support our city’s teachers, nurses and other public sector employees. That’s what they deserve”.