Call to put an end to NHS winter crisis

Stephen Morgan MP calls on Theresa May to ensure a winter crisis in the NHS is averted

Having campaigned passionately to ensure our National Health Service remains world class and free at the point of use, Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth South’s new Member of Parliament is calling on Theresa May to finally give the NHS the support and resources it urgently needs as we approach the winter months.

Stephen Morgan MP said:

“Seven years of Tory neglect and underinvestment resulted in the Prime Minister overseeing the worst winter crisis on record, putting unnecessary and completely unacceptable additional pressure on our hard working staff at QA Hospital”.

Labour has warned repeatedly that the NHS funding squeeze imposed by the government is damaging standards of patient care.

The party proposed record levels of funding for the NHS in its manifesto and guaranteed the main 4 hour A&E target would finally be met again consistently.

Stephen added:

“It was a Labour government which founded the National Health Service, our proudest achievement, and only Labour can be trusted to ensure universal healthcare will continue to be provided for all on the basis of need, free at the point of use.

Theresa May must finally give the NHS the support and resources it urgently needs and explain what she’s going to do to make sure patients and their families never suffer a year like this ever again”.