Stephen joins UK and US military exercise 

MP for Portsmouth South, Stephen Morgan, today flew out to sea to observe a joint exercise by US and British Naval Forces. 

As the new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, prepares to make her way into her home port of Portsmouth, the exercise seeks to prepare British forces to take command of the vessel.

Exercise Saxon Warrior began over a week ago and has seen over 60 Royal Navy and Royal Marine personnel board USS George HW Bush, an American aircraft carrier, as part of the huge NATO war game. 

Portsmouth has also been represented by Pompey-based Type 23 Frigates with HMS Westminster and HMS Iron Duke joining the group of American and Norwegian ships out on the Scottish coast. At one point, HMS Queen Elizabeth sailed alongside her US counterpart, USS George HW Bush, as she undergoes her sea trials.

Mr Morgan met with the senior command team of the UK CSG and visited flight decks and hanger bays during his time at sea.

Stephen Morgan MP, said:

“It was a privilege to be able to fly out to Scotland with our Armed Forces to get a better idea of what our new Carrier Strike Group will be capable of. 

As Portsmouth prepares to welcome HMS Queen Elizabeth into our great city, it is very useful to see how our military work so with our US partners on conflict prevention and the defence of our nations.
I’m sure I’m joined by people across Portsmouth in my pride that the new carrier’s imminent arrival confirms the status of our city as the home of the Royal Navy.”