Underinvestment in social care can’t go on

Social care is in crisis, and it is decisions made in Downing Street that have brought us to this point Labour have today warned. Theresa May must stop turning a blind eye to the problems in social care and address the funding crisis urgently.

Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth South’s Member of Parliament said:

“Since 2010 local authorities’ social care budgets have been cut by £4.6 billion and 400,000 fewer people are now receiving publicly funded social care.

In Portsmouth we have seen our council budget cut by over 40 per cent, which has meant vulnerable people in our community not getting the care and support they need”.

It is families who are being left to pick up the pieces. A report by Age UK published in July found the families of one in four care home residents in care is supposed to be free – representing one in ten of all care home residents – has been forces to pay ‘top up fees’ that can run to thousands each year.

Stephen added:

“Labour has warned time and again of the growing crisis in social care. The competing pressures of an ageing population and chronic underfunding cannot go on.

Theresa May must act now to make sure that councils like ours here in Portsmouth have the money to provide quality social care for all those who need it.”