Portsmouth MP speaks up for armed forces personnel 

Stephen Morgan, Labour’s first ever Member of Portsmouth South, continued his campaign to support the armed forces today by calling on the Government to finally act over service personnel pay.

Like other parts of the public sector, those who serve in the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force, have seen their pay capped since the Tories came to power in 2010. 

The pay of personnel has been capped yet again at one percent in 2017-2018 which represents another below-inflation pay settlement.

Leading a debate in Westminster Hall today, Mr Morgan said this was not only having an impact on recruitment and rention of personnel, but also stated that the size of the Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy and Royal Marines is now below stated Government targets and the Tories’ own manifesto commitments.

Regrettably no Conservative backbenchers attended to join the debate and speak up for the armed forces in Westminster Hall.

Mr Morgan opened the debate hot footed from the Defence Academy in Wiltshire where he is now on the armed forces parliamentary scheme.

Stephen Morgan MP said:

“Following my maiden speech in the House this week, I wanted to follow up a burning issue armed forces personnel and their families have raised with me. 
So today I secured and introduced a Westminster Hall debate on armed forces pay. 

As the MP for a city which is proud to be home of the Royal Navy, I will always speak up for those who dedicate their lives to defend our nation so we can improve conditions in respect of what they do for us, and to support their families.
The Government must end the public sector pay cap for the Armed Forces. They must give Armed Forces personnel a fair pay rise. That’s what our dedicated service personnel deserve”.

Mr Morgan has pledged to continue his campaign across the House of Commons when Parliament returns from recess in October.