Government must put ‘its money where its mouth is’ on cladding removal

Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth South’s MP has said the government needs to put “its money where its mouth is” in response to the lack of action by the Tories to provide councils with the necessary funds to remove cladding in tower blocks across the country.

Speaking to BBC Radio yesterday he joined others voicing their concerns about the poor response from Government to assist councils with cladding removal after the tragic fire at Grenfell earlier this year.

 Stephen said:

“It’s not good enough that councils have to rely on their own funds to pay for essential cladding removal.

When the Tories have cut funding to local authorities by over 40% in recent years, and social care and schools starved of money to do the things they do, the Government must act and put the money where its mouth is”.

Earlier this week in a debate in the House of Lords the Government admitted that of the thirty-one local authorities that have contacted DCLG for assistance only six have had further support from Ministers to ensure help is provided to those local authorities affected.

Stephen added: 

“At a time when local authorities are preparing their budgets for the next financial year, this lack of action by DCLG ministers is unacceptable. 

The Government must stop putting councils in limbo and give them the funds they need”.