Stephen thanks councils on #OurDay

‘Our Day’ on 21 November 2017 is an annual social media event to highlight and celebrate the diverse work carried out by councils up and down the country. 

Portsmouth South Member of Parliament Stephen Morgan, a former local government worker himself, is using the day to thank those who work at the council for all they do for Portsmouth’s communities.

The reputation of local government has never been more important as local authorities are increasingly having to deliver more with less.

Our Day has gone from strength to strength in recent years and is an opportunity for people who work in councils to highlight the invaluable work they do for the public. It showcases a day in the life of local government and shines a light on all the different things that councils do for their communities in a 24-hour period.

Stephen Morgan MP said:

“Councils across the nation work tirelessly to provide a huge variety of services up and down the country, every day, to support people and make their lives better.

Yet much of what they do is out of sight, like helping vulnerable children and preventing homelessness.

Taking place the day before the Autumn Budget on Wednesday, Our Day is an opportunity for the local government sector to remind the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the invaluable work councils do on a daily basis to improve the quality of life of residents.

But it also gives me another opportunity to thank all those who work day in, day out in Portsmouth to improve life chances for all through the delivery of good quality public services”.