More and more voices are speaking up over concerns about the crisis in the NHS, as patients are waiting longer on lists, on trolleys, in emergency departments and in their homes for the care they need.
The Royal College of Physicians have written to the Prime Minister explaining that multiple services are “struggling or failing to cope”.  Even Conservative MPs have stated that Theresa May is “scapegoating” GPs and “failing to take responsibility”.
The Labour party has demanded more funding for the NHS. 
Cllr Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth’s Labour Leader said:
“Extended opening hours at GP practices won’t solve the crisis we are seeing in our health service. As the Royal College of Physicians have said, our health service is underfunded, under doctored and overstretched. Around 3.9 million people are on waiting lists. 1.8 million people are waiting four hours or more in A&E. 
In our great city, health and care staff do incredible things. They do extraordinary work and provide selfless dedication daily. It’s time the NHS and its staff are given the support they need”.
Last year Cllr Morgan raised concerns over the closure of the popular Guildhall Walk-In centre and led a petition signed by over a thousand local people to keep the services in the heart of the city.
He said: “Like others, I am very concerned by the pressure the closure last year places on already stretched services at QA”.  Today he added:
“It is now quite clear. Cost-saving measures such as the closure of a well-used facility – such as the walk-In centre – is not going to save our NHS. What is needed is more funding, more staff and more listening to people in close contact with the problems on the ground. Our NHS is at crisis point.”

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