We must bring an end to the Tory NHS crisis

This winter thousands of operations have been cancelled, patients are waiting for hours in overcrowded A&Es, waiting lists are rising and the NHS is facing huge financial problems. Under the Tories the NHS is in crisis.

December’s A&E performance was the worst on record. Across England over 300,000 patients waited longer than four hours in A&E, almost 70,000 had to wait longer than four hours on a trolley for a hospital bed and so far this winter more than 92,000 patients were stuck in the back of ambulances outside hospitals.

The latest figures also show 1 in 4 people wait a week or more to speak to a GP or nurse, or don’t get an appointment at all.

The Tory NHS crisis has rightly caused concern amongst Portsmouth residents says local Labour MP Stephen Morgan.

“Thousands of people here in Portsmouth rely on the NHS. I’m worried that despite the heroic efforts of our fantastic NHS staff, we are seeing QA and our other local health services over stretched, ambulances backed up, cancelled operations and patients waiting for hours on trolleys”.

In recent weeks Stephen has spent time meeting with Portsmouth Hospitals Trust’s chief executive, touring A&E services at QA, visiting the St Mary’s Walk-In clinic and spending the night with the GP out of hours service, to understand the local challenges our health services and their staff face.

Stephen added:

“It’s clear the Tories have pushed the NHS into crisis and have no plan to address the challenges it faces.

But, it doesn’t have to be like this, Labour will stand up for the NHS and give the NHS the money it needs.

Labour will give the NHS over £37 billion of extra investment, cut waiting lists by guaranteeing treatment within 18 weeks, put safe staffing levels into law and halt the Tory hospital closure plans.”

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