City MP calls for Portsmouth to host Bayeux Tapestry

Stephen Morgan, Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South, has joined other city officials in calling for Portsmouth to play host to the Bayeux Tapestry when it comes to the UK in 2022.

He has written to Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to ask that he consider holding the exhibit in Portsmouth, as the city is the perfect place to host such a historically significant piece.

Stephen Morgan MP said:

“I have written to Mr. Hancock to ask that he considers our great city as the host to the Bayeux Tapestry.

Portsmouth has a rich historical heritage and the perfect facility to display the tapestry at the D-Day Museum which is currently undergoing a major refurbishment.

At the moment the museum is playing host to the Overlord Tapestry, and so already has the infrastructure in place to display an exhibit of this kind.

It would be truly fantastic for a city, which has such a strong foothold in English history to be given this opportunity.”

French President Emmanuel Macron has agreed to lend the 11th Century Tapestry to the UK, which will see it leave France for the first time in 950 years.