City MP backs plans to reform animal welfare policy

Portsmouth MP Stephen Morgan has backed Labour’s plans to radically reform Government policy on animal welfare and raise welfare standards.

In a draft policy document launched today, the Labour Party has proposed a number of changes which aim to raise animal welfare standards and end cruel and outdated practises.

The report, named ‘Animal Welfare For The Many, Not The Few, outlines proposed changes which include the introduction of a ban on the live export of animals for slaughter, consultation to landlords on giving tenants the right to keep a pet, the strengthening of the Hunting Act, the preservation of the principal of animal sentience in law, an end to the badger cull, implementation of a review of animal testing and expansion of affordable vet care for people on low incomes.

The 50 point draft policy document will go out for public consultation and proposes appointing an Animal Welfare Commissioner to ensure Government policy across Whitehall is continually informed by the latest scientific evidence on animal sentience.

The role of Commissioner would be to ensure animal welfare standards are always considered in new legislation and are maintained in Britain’s involvement in international bodies and post-Brexit trade deals.

Stephen Morgan MP, said:

I am in full support of this new policy document. No animal should have to suffer unnecessarily and with Brexit on the horizon it’s imperative we have clear Government policy in place to protect animal welfare.

As the authors of the Hunting Act, our party has a proud history of raising welfare standards. Labour is once again taking a stand, with a regulatory framework fit for the 21st century to ensure the UK is truly a world leader in animal welfare.”

The announcement has been welcomed by the League against Cruel Sports, Compassion in World Farming and WWF.