Stephen joins new street safety project on patrol

City MP Stephen Morgan has joined Police, Police Community Support Officers and Community Wardens on patrol as part of a new pilot scheme which brings together several agencies to keep Portsmouth’s busiest areas safe.

The scheme, which is named Project Stark, aims to support those sleeping rough, and reduce crime and antisocial behaviour in these areas by sharing information, building relationships and having an increased presence on the streets.

Stephen joined the team on foot patrol of Guildhall Walk, Victoria Park and the City Centre and witnessed some of the situations in which those working on Project Stark will be helping with.

Stephen Morgan MP said:

I’ve been campaigning for some time to ensure our Constabulary is given the resources it needs to bring down crime in our great city, but it’s not just the police who can tackle the crime we see in Portsmouth.

Project Stark is an innovative project bringing police officers, PCSOs and council staff together to help make our streets safer. This multi-agency approach is actually what I want to see more of to protect our communities and small businesses.

It was a really helpful to see firsthand the work of the team dealing with the issues our city centre faces and assure our community, and I thank the officers, police and council staff for their hard work in doing this, day in, day out.

I will continue to campaign for more resources for our local police force, but with funding currently as it is, Project Stark is a step in the right direction.”