City MP urges communities to come together in adverse weather

Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan has urged people to be extra vigilant in the cold weather and to consider those who may be vulnerable, alone or in need of help.

With amber, yellow and red snow and ice warnings in place across the UK, and many people in Portsmouth unable to get to work, school or access the services they use on a day to day basis, the MP is urging people to remember those in their communities who are most vulnerable, and look out for signs that someone may need help.

He has also commended the professionals who have braved the weather to ensure the most vulnerable are still receiving the care they need.

Stephen Morgan MP said:

As the freeze sets in we need everyone in our communities to be on the look-out for signs that something might be wrong. Whether it be milk bottles left outside, newspapers stuck in the letterbox or curtains drawn all day, any sort of unusual activity could be a sign that something is wrong and that someone is in need of help.

With so many across the country depending on local services, public servants are working around the clock to make sure that essential services continue and the care that makes a vital difference to people’s lives carries on, despite the weather.

I thank all those working hard across our great city to keep Portsmouth communities safe during this adverse weather”.