City MP takes fact finding visit to Navy in Scotland

Portsmouth South MP spent some of the Easter recess from Parliament up at HMNB Clyde to meet with frontline armed forces personnel and observe training exercises

Stephen Morgan, MP for Portsmouth South, has spent the last two days visiting Her Majesty’s Naval Base on the Clyde.

Mr Morgan as well as meeting sailors, marines and MOD police officers serving on the frontline, he was briefed on the future of the submarine fleet, visited the Faslane Flotilla, Northern Diving Group, and toured the base, as well as gaining an insight into the military training programme up on the Clyde in Scotland.

The naval base is one of three locations across the UK the Royal Navy are based. The Royal Marines are also hosted on site.

Stephen travelled to Clyde as part of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme, a programme which allows Members of Parliament and Peers to gain a wider understanding of service life and the training delivered.

Its aim is to improve the quality of debate on military issues, and does this by exposing its members to first-hand experience of the service.

Stephen Morgan MP said:

“I want to thank everyone at HMND Clyde for an useful and highly informative visit. To see first-hand the skill and dedication of those who serve our country in the armed forces is always a very special privilege.

It was useful to receive the latest briefings on the future of the fleet and speak with submariners and officers about their work keeping our nation secure against developing and manifest global threats.

I will continue to be a strong national voice on matters raised by our armed forces and will be taking back feedback on service personnel recruitment, accommodation arrangements and future equipment needs to inform debates in Parliament”.