City MP teams up with Guide Dogs to urge Government action on pavement parking

It has now been over 900 days since the Government promised to research an alternative enforcement regime

Portsmouth South MP, Stephen Morgan, has called on Government to ‘stop dragging it’s heels’ and undertake the research on pavement parking that was promised in 2015.

A report from Guide Dogs, Streets Ahead, found that 88% of all respondents agreed that street clutter caused problems for them when they are out and about. This figure rose to 97% among blind and partially sighted respondents. Pavement parking was identified as the most prevalent street obstacle encountered, followed by overhanging branches, wheelie bins, parked delivery vans, cracked pavements and shop advertising boards.

This week, Stephen met with Guide Dogs in the House of Commons to hear first-hand of the difficulties many face when navigating city streets.

In December 2015, Guide Dogs supported a Private Member’s Bill that would have extended the benefits of London’s pavement parking system to the rest of England and Wales.

Stephen Morgan MP, said:

“We need to develop environments that enable disabled people to live independently, not in isolation. The Tories are already making this more difficult with local government transport funding cut by 37.1%.


The very least they can do is what they promised three years ago: research an alternative enforcement regime to tackle the scourge of pavement parking. If London can benefit from better enforcement, why can’t Portsmouth?


I’m pleased to back Guide Dogs in calling on the Government to stop dragging their heels, stick to their promise, and publish this research as a matter of urgency.“