City MP lobbies new Brexit Secretary over International Port

Following the resignations of senior members of Theresa May’s Government, today Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan has urged the new Brexit Secretary to visit the city’s International PortAfter weeks and weeks of attempts by the team at Portsmouth International Port and Stephen Morgan MP to secure a visit by the Government’s Brexit team to hear firsthand the challenges the country’s second busiest port will face post-Brexit, Stephen Morgan has asked Dominic Raab MP the new Brexit Secretary, to come to Portsmouth following the shock resignation of David Davis, Steve Baker and Boris Johnson today.The MP has previously written to Ministers in the Department as well as submitted written parliamentary questions about the matter, whilst research by the nation’s ports has suggested that a two minute delate per lorry as a result of potential Brexit arrangements could lead to 6-7 hours of delays each day – including in Portsmouth.Stephen’s letter is as follows:“Dear Secretary of State,Brexit impact on Portsmouth International PortCongratulations on your appointment as Secretary of State. I am writing following correspondence with your predecessor about an important matter affecting employment and the economy in my constituency.With now only a few months left until Brexit negotiations are supposed to conclude, we are still left with uncertainty in Portsmouth over the impact Brexit will have over border controls at our international port. My city is the second largest cross channel port in the UK, with the most destinations across the western channel to France and Spain, providing much needed jobs in Portsmouth. Over 2 million passengers use this facility on the south coast.Despite the strategic importance of the port to our nation, those who manage this valuable asset for our local economy have had difficulty in engaging your Department. Your department’s preference appears to be to focus attention on Dover and cargo ports, neglecting the impact Brexit will have our country’s regions.I therefore urge you in your new role to prioritise a visit to Portsmouth to visit the port and understand how the city could be affected by potential delays from next year which could have a significant impact on the port’s trade and my city’s economy.I appreciate you have a very busy diary. I therefore copy your colleague Minister Suella Braverman MP who represents a constituency just ten minutes down the motorway from Portsmouth. I have every confidence she could easily make a visit happen for the benefit of the people of Portsmouth.Stephen Morgan MP”