Copy and paste job by Government not good enough for Portsmouth

Stephen Morgan MP, Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South, has reacted to a letter from the Government following his lobbying for the city for extra cash as the council moves hundreds of local people and families out of Horatia and Leamington House in Somerstown.
A reply to Stephen’s letter to the Prime Minister of 7 June 2018 has now been received from the Housing Minister.
Stephen said:
Today I finally received a reply to my letter to the Prime Minister sent 6 weeks ago when news broke about the need to move residents out of their homes in the heart of Portsmouth.
Rather than committing to supporting our city’s residents at Horatia and Leamington House, providing funding to tackle this significant concern and agreeing to meet with me, the PM passed the letter to a junior Minister.
And with that, the people of Portsmouth got a slap dash job and a copy and paste reply. 
The Government’s complacency is appalling and somewhat surprising given the very genuine and live concerns regarding building safety in this country. The hundreds of residents affected by the council’s decision to move them out of their homes deserve better.
I will continue to work with the city council and stand up for residents. My constituents won’t be palmed off by this Government.”